Height Safety Systems

Commercial Anchor Installation

We have extensive experience within the rope access industry. Our qualified operators can assist in all areas of building solutions from inspection, consultation to installation.

Static Lines

Static Lines

Anchor Points, Purlin Mounted

Anchor Points
Purlin Mounted

Anchor Points, Concrete Mounted

Anchor Points
Concrete Mounted

Top Mounted Roof Anchor

Top mounted roof anchor
suitable for abseil and fall arrest

Roof Walkways & Steps

Roof Walkways and Steps

>Harness Kits

Harness Kits

Roof Ladders

Roof Ladders

Roof Hatches

Roof Hatches

Roof Hatch Details

  • Made from zincalume with a powder coated finish.
  • Extremely long life span.
  • Full 90 degree opening with gas struts.
  • Can be installed on a corrugated as well as flat, clip lock roof.
  • Has latch for adding a lock.
  • Roof Guard Rails

    Roof Guard Rails - Can be wall mounted and roof mounted

    Ladder Links

    Ladder Links

    Ladder Link Details:
    Designed to provide a secure attachment point for portable ladders. The support bracket prevents movement of ladder in any direction.

  • Simple installation using standard fixings.
  • Prevents sideway movement and ladder foot slip.
  • High strength stainless steel construction.
  • Low aesthetic profile, minimal visual impact.
  • Height Safety System Certification/Inspection

    We test and tag all aspects of Height Safety Systems. Upon inspection, you will receive a map of your system, a report on the testing results, and your certification. By Australian Standards and WorkCover, anchor point systems need to be inspected every 12 months.

    Contractors have the right to refuse work at height where a Height Safety System has not been installed and/or certified.